• Hubspot
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    HubSpot is a leading growth platform. Over 60,500 total customers in more than 100 countries use HubSpot’s award-winning software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers. Learn more at

  • Strike Force Sales
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    Strike Force Sales

    To grow, every business needs New Business. Strike Force Sales are Australia's leading New Business Agency. Based in North Sydney, their team of experts fully integrate with your sales and marketing functions to deliver genuine high quality commercial meetings and opportunities in the near and longer terms.

    Formed over 13 years ago by recognised sales expert Ciaran McGuigan, Strike Force Sales regularly work with Governments, Enterprise and Start Ups to generate REAL increases in revenue in the shortest time possible.

    Our clients enjoy a professional service with full accountability, detailed reporting, CRM integration and dynamic opportunity and project management. More cost effective than recruiting and faster than internal resources - positive results are one phone call away.

  • The Sales Recruiter
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    The Sales Recruiter

    Founded by Kara Atkinson, Headhunter of 18 years, The Sales Recruiter has assisted more than 1,000 Sales people into their next role.
    Kara is fuelled by the opportunity to help people continue to build and transform themselves through their career. In 2019, Kara launched SPARC into the marketplace; a network for Elite Sales Leaders.
    It’s not rare for Kara to place someone in more than one role throughout their career. This demonstrates Kara’s uniqueness in her commitment to helping people build careers, as opposed to the usual bums on seats attitude that might be great for the short term but is not sustainable for the long term.
    Knowing today’s candidate is tomorrow’s client, Kara has developed The Sales Virtuoso recruitment methodology; an industry first six-stage system guaranteed to deliver high performing sales people to corporate Australia.

  • Ideas with Legs
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    Ideas with Legs

    Idea with Legs is an innovation agency with fresh thinking global minds to help people innovate. Ideas with Legs wants to make sure when it comes to innovating in business that no one is left out and no great ideas are left behind. Ideas with Legs provides people with hassle-free and effective innovation skills and tools that allow the entire organisation be part of commercial innovation projects that drive profitable returns. Ideas with Legs programs change cultures and people from being stuck in a box to thinking outside of the box.

    Ideas with Legs provides a range of services based around innovation including customer service & sales innovation, process innovation, product innovation, culture improvement and team performance. Some of the core services that they provide include:

    Strategy & objectives

    • Creating a strategy and strategy map that identifies key activities to occur to achieve agreed business objectives. Includes creating specific projects to bring desired behaviours to life, incorporates new processes and activities that will create traction towards the set  business objectives.


    • Creating a structure that perpetuates innovative operation or service with in an organisation. Backed up by templates, checklists and process maps to ensure consistent effective execution and operational excellence.
    • Benchmarking, Metrics and Evaluation
    • Creating thorough benchmarking and metrics to ensure thorough evaluation of performance, training, processes, strategy and program initiatives.

    Training - Workshops & Master Classes

    • Skills training in an interactive environment that focuses on actual organisational challenges. Skills training can include - Leadership, customer insight generation, problem identification, problem solving, crisis management, idea generation, prototyping, validation skills, proof of concept, risk reduction testing, project management, customer service skills, user experience design, product design, process mapping, process improvement, sales improvement, marketing skills, pitching and presentation skills and trend spotting,


    • Designing and running live Hackathons to involve a large organisational audience to work on a series of active problems to generate, practical implantable innovative solutions in a short time frame.
    • Online programs - Providing online digital learning course to work either as a stand alone or supporting learning course. Utilising video, quizzes, workbooks and activities

    Culture, behaviour and process diagnosis

    • Culture audits, Innovation audits, Process audits - Identifying what behaviours need to change in order to improve operational effectiveness and innovative solutions.
    • Process diagnosis - assessing which processes need to be improved or replaced either with an automated or manual process.
  • Your CEO Mentor
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    Your CEO Mentor

    Your CEO Mentor creates cut through content for leaders who want to be exceptional.

    Co-founded by father/daughter duo Marty Moore and Emma Green, their purpose is to improve the quality of leaders, globally. Together they have distilled Marty's 30+ years of senior leadership experience and turned it into practical content that helps experienced leaders become exceptional leaders.

    They produce and host chart-topping podcast 'No Bullsh!t Leadership', run the highly regarded online leadership program, ‘Leadership Beyond the Theory’, and work with leaders through a range of bespoke consulting and keynote speaking engagements.

  • SPARC I The Sales Leader Network
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    SPARC I The Sales Leader Network

    SPARC is a Sales Network exclusively for Elite Sales Leaders.

    • Professional development with sales leadership focus
    • Inspiration from guest speakers, critical thinkers and thought leaders
    • Drives excellence in Sales Leadership through networking
    • Peer conversation with no ramifications

    SPARC is a learning ecosystem for Sales Leaders who are determined to pursue meaningful Professional Development in order to amplify their career, explode their network and spark their professional toolkit.

  • Barrett Consulting Group
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    Barrett Consulting Group

    We are a business consulting and education firm specialising in Sales. We are best known as Selling Better Strategists,
    Innovators, Advisors, Trainers, Coaches and Change Agents helping people and businesses sell better now and sustainably into the future.

    We have an excellent track record in transforming sales teams and cultures, large and small, to sell better, deliver competitive sales strategies and find new uncontested markets while minimising execution risk.

    We bring a well researched 21st Century systems thinking approach to sales that includes a complete selling system which is engineered for growth, not personality driven. It includes:

    1. A Practical Sales Philosophy - Selling Better
    2. Sales Strategy Framework underpinned by a codified Sales Operating System
    3. Codified sales tools, resources and education (classroom, infield and online)
    4. Sales Support System for effective coaching and execution in the field


    Unlike much of our competition we take a systems approach to sales excellence. This is deliberate as we need businesses to shift their thinking away from seeing training as the ONLY solution to selling better when the right training is A part of the solution. Here are some articles and an interview I did with Alan Kohler that may give you a deeper insight into how we think and do business.